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Nasu Flower World

This large flower garden is located in the Tochigi prefecture, about a two-hour drive from Tokyo. The garden is brimming with vibrant, seasonal blooms, such as roses, lupins, tulips, and more, creating a rich kaleidoscope of jewel-colored hues. With the Nasu Mountains as a stunning backdrop, visitors can drink in the beautiful scenery, while getting lost in the dizzying floral color palette.



Skill level

Public Location


9 AM- 5 PM


550-800 yen (4-6 USD) for an adult (season dependent)


  • Normal lens (50mm)
  • Model
  • Backpack
  • Warm clothing
  • Snacks
  • Sunscreen

How to get there

N37° 06' 29.6028"E140° 05' 00.096"
This photo was taken in Nasu Flower World ( 那須フラワーワールド). The fastest way to get there from Tokyo is by car but you can also take the train. By car: To get to Nasu Flower World from Tokyo, take Metropolitan Expressway No. 4 Shinjuku Line/Route 4 (首都高速4号新宿線). Then turn left to get on Shuto Expressway Central Circular Route/C2 (首都高速中央環状線/C2) and follow C2 until you cross Goshikizakura Bridge. Once you've crossed the bridge, stay on the left to get on S1. Following S1 will lead you to Route 349. Stay on Route 349 until you get to Prefectural Road 305 and then turn left. Nasu Flower World will be straight ahead, very close to Prefectural Road 305. To get to its parking lot, turn left into Prefectural Route 68 and you will see it on your left. By train: The fastest train routes are from Shinjuku or Asakusa station, either by JR or Nobu Railway. You can take either train to Nikko or Kinugawa Onsen. Both are still an hour from Nosu Flower World, so you must take a taxi from the station. To get to this exact location once you're in Nasu, look for the spot where the mountains come to a gentle slope and then walk to the row between the red and ochre flowers. Be extremely careful not to step on any of the flowers. The entire flower field has pathways to walk on, so you can wander through without treading on any of the beautiful flowers.


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