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Nachi Falls & Seiganto-ji Temple

Regarded as the highest solitary waterfall in Japan, Nachi Falls stands 436 feet tall. The picturesque Seiganto-ji Temple sits atop the hills with the free-flowing waterfall in the background—a sight to behold for any visitor. This area is a perfect example of nature complimenting architecture.



Skill level

Public Location


7 AM - 4:30 PM




  • Telephoto lens (85mm)
  • Comfortable walking shoes

How to get there

N33° 40' 12.9554"E135° 53' 21.2561"
This image of Nachisan Seiganto-ji Temple is near Nachi Falls in Higashimuro District, Wakayama. The best way to get to this location is by driving or by bus. When you arrive in the town of Nachisan, make your way to the parking lot in the upper area of the town. From here, there is a small staircase directly across from the lot. Walk down the first section of stairs, and the exact vantage point is at the end of the first walkway on the right. The actual viewpoint is in the courtyard of Shukubo Sonsho-in Temple—reference the GPS coordinate on satellite view to acquaint yourself more easily. On the weekend, the temple was closed, and there were no signs indicating it was a private area. Please be respectful. By car: Take Prefectural Road 46 and follow the GPS coordinates. You can park in one of the nearby parking lots. The closest parking lot to the viewpoint is 西国第一番札所青岸渡寺駐車場-Saigoku No. 1 Fudasho Seigantoji Parking Lot (33.6700517, 135.8890903). By public transport: If you're coming from Osaka or Kyoto, you can take Express Kuroshio Train to Kii-Katsuura station. From there, you can take the bus and stop at the Nachi-no-Taki-mae station (那智の滝前), which is on the 31 Nachisan Line. Keep in mind that trains from Osaka and Kyoto are not direct and usually take more than five hours to get to Kii-Katsuura station. That said, the buses to Nachi-no-Taki-mae are not very reliable and renting a car is recommended.


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